Only one KMMCS clears about 30.000 m² per day.

Compared to this more than 10.000 hand-deminers would be needed, to clear the same area in the same period of time. Statistically about 10 hand-deminers would be killed or mutilated during their work.

Actually only a small number of hand-deminers is available at the site.

This means, that a group of about 10 hand-deminers would need about 2,5 years for a one day´s job of the KMMCS.

During the deployment in Mozambique the KMMCS´s costs
- per mine were 8,46 % compared to hand-demining.
- per hectare were 10,5 % compared to hand-demining.

The productivity of the KMMCS in terms of cleared area per one person´s working time is 197,5 times higher compared to a hand-deminer.


Performance ADP      20 months    500 men    54 ha
Performance Krohn     6 weeks       35 men     56 ha

ADP:            40.000 man weeks
Krohn:              210 man weeks

ADP:      0,00135 ha/man week
Krohn:   0,266     ha/man week

ADP:              13,5 mē/man week
Krohn:        2667   mē/man week

          Proportion 1 : 198