Since 1995 the KMMCS has cleared mines in several countries in Europe and Africa.

Thousands of acres have succesfully been cleared from mines

... without any loss of life or injury!

No functioning mine or any other dangerous explosive ordnance has ever been found on land after we had cleared it.


KMMCS at work in Mozamique

Mosambik - Aug. 95 - May 1996
150 ha (= 1,5 mio m²) were completely cleared of all mines in 100 working days.

More than 20.000 anti-group and anti-people mines were destroyed.

The fields were examined by the national demining commission and certified as "mine-free".

The fields were handed over to the local people for farming.

For eight years not a single mine was found.

The German Foreign Mininstry certified the 100 % clearene of this terrain.

Croatia - Aug. 2001
Actual deployment at an energy alignment at Tenja near Osijek (Croatia) under the charge of the Dinamid company. Cleared terrain 105.000 m².

Result: destruction of 30 anti tank mines (TM3)

Clearance to 100 % certified.

Croatia - Dec. 2001 till Jan. 2002

Actual deployment in Tenja bei Osijek (Croatia) under the charge of MKA Demining.

Cleared terrain: 50.000 m²,
Conditions: 20 degrees minus and deeply frozen soil

Result: destruction of 5 6 anti-tank-mines

Clearance to 100 % certified.

Military training areas in Germany
Details on request.


1996 - Test in Mozambique

264 anti-people-mines were laid professionally.

Testresult: 100 % clearance by UN definition.

2000 - Test in Croatia

On a testfield of 113.000 m² 10 anti-people mines, 5 anti-tank mines, 7 jump-mines, 1 Rob 75 and 19 anti-tank mines PM1 were laid.

Test result:
Certified clearance: 100 %.

"The KMMCS-Kerber is applicable for mechanical clearing of mined terrain. ..."

It can be used under all terrain conditions and under all mine conditions."

(independent management)

Oct. 2000 - Test with the German Army

Details on request.

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