The Krohn Mechanical Mine Clearance System

Only one KMMCS clears about

30.000 m² of mined terrain per day

100 % effectively

of all anti-person and anti-tank-mines.

This equals the efficiency of 10.000

No costly, slow, ineffective, and dangerous
manual "post-clearance inspection" is necessary!


Machine information

The KMMCS is applicable on any terrain (class I - V) with the exception of pure rock surface. This means that the KMMCS manages to demine on skeleton-, sand-, clay-, silt-, or gruff terrain and also succeeds easily on a surface with rocks up to a size of 20 cm in diameter.

Strong natural plant cover (bushes, trees with a diameter of 20 cm of chest height) or solidly frozen soil are no handicap.

Climbing ability uphill and downhill up to 40 degrees (88 %).

Working speed between 1,5 - 2,5 km/h.

Working width 3 meters.

Working depth infinitely adjustable from 20 cm to 50 cm.

Weight after fueling: about 35 tons.

Extremly low surface pressure of only 400 gram per square cm. This is comparable with a human footprint. Consequentely the KMMCS is applicable on clayey or muddy surfaces.

The KMMCS has been tested and certified for all known types of mines up to 10 kg TNT.

The clearance reliability is 100 %. This means that after the KMMCS´s clearing process there has never been found a single functioning explosive body.

Possible fields of application

Reclamation of mined war field terrain.

Reclamation of military training areas. Here the savings in comparison to costly hand-deming are even greater, as here for the military training areas of the western industrial nations cheap hand-demining personnel is usually not available.

Milling of forest aisles in case of forest fires or for the prevention of forest fires (as performed in Weisswasser, Germany).

Recultivation of burned forests: Usually the stumps are laboriously dug out and created holes must be filled. Remainder of trees must be removed. In contrast to that the KMMCS disperses the material into the soil.

Plantation modernisation (sisal, fruit, timber, pineapple, coffee, tea, etc.).

Reclamation of contaminated soil (milling cutter depth: 1 m (see: Rieselfelder and Senftenberg, Germany)

Preparation of construction terrain (streets, traces, pipelines, power lines, etc.)

The KMMCS has already proven all of theses features in real deployment on thousands of hectares all over Europe and in parts of Africa.