The Krohn Milling Cutter

Recultivation of forests

The Krohn Milling Cutter is able to mill large areas after forest fires. The remaining stumps are shredded into small pieces and worked into the soil down to a depth of one meter. Recultivation can start immediately.

This function alone bear enormous economical potential.

Prevention of forest fires

Brushwood and other plants are cut into small pieces and are entirely worked into the soil.

In times of increasing numbers of forest fires the demand for this use is extremly high.

Fire suppression

The Krohn Milling Cutter can quickly cut fire prevention corridors into forests.

During large fires without the machine such containment is hardly possible. The areas are too vast and fire fighters often still work with hatchet and shovel.

The Krohn Milling Cutter can revolutionize fire suppression.

The Krohn company proved this near Weisswasser, Germany during a huge fire.

The machine cut a corridor of a width of 60 m. The spreading of the fire was prevented successfully.

Land reclamation in deserts and contaminated areas

The Milling Cutter can work thick layers of contaminated sewage sludge about 1 m into the soil. This process produces a fertile surface substratum. At the sme time it reduces the concentration of heavy metal or other harmfull substances
. After this procedure imediate planting is possible.

The Technical University of Berlin and the Humboldt-Unversität Berlin proved this in combined studies. An additional expertise by Prof. Bennecke, Goettingen University, certifies these potentials.

These studies relate to a large scale experiment on the so called ´Rieselfelder´ near Berlin which were highly contaminated with heavy metal. After the work with the Krohn Milling Cutter in 1998 all 14 hectares have turned into flourishing landscapes.


The Krohn Milling Cutter is able to cut a 1 m deep alignment into the ground. This is possible even under most difficult terrain conditions and even with solidly frozen soil.

The shortly finished pipeline connection between Siberia and western Europe could only be established with great financial and strenuous working effort.

The Krohn Milling Cutter could have done this work more effectively.

Renewal of plantations

Usually old plantations are burned down. With the Krohn Milling Cutter these plantations can comfortably be worked into the soil. Precious biomass is preserved.

Consequently these areas profit from far richer fertility.